Listes de toutes nos chorégraphies apprises ....

DEBUTANTS 2015 - 2016

  1. Eat, sleep and love you (Séverine Fillion)
  2. Twist and shake 

NOVICES 2015 - 2016

  1. Just a girl (Séverine Fillion et Arnaud Marraffa)
  2. Sinatra & Chardonnay (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick)


  1. Good love, gone bad (Roy Verdonk, José Belloque)
  2. Countrified soul (Rob Fowler, Darren Bailey)

NEW LINE 2015 - 2016

  1. Peligrosa (Ria Vos)
  2. Want to  want me (Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn)
  3. Reality (Wil Bos)
  4. Don't make me suffer (José Belloque, Sebastiaan Holtland, Roy Verdonk)

DEBUTANTS 2014 - 2015

  1. Hoot and Howl (Rene et Reg Milham)
  2. Meat and potato man
  3. San Antonio Stroll (Robert Wanstreet)
  4. Baby belle (Gaye Teather)
  5. Bullfrog on a log (Cef Decaney)
  6. Last night (Arnaud Marraffa)
  7. Sweet maureen (Rafel Corbi)
  8. Leave the night on (Guy Dubé)
  9. All about a woman (Maggie Gallagher)
  10. Play it again (Scott Nolan)
  11. Beer money (Guy Dubé et Denis Henley)
  12. Your first name (John Robinson)
  13. Gin & tonic (Kate Sala et Robbie McGowan)
  14. A beautiful body (Jacques Laberge)
  15. A one way ticket (Séverine Fillion)
  16. Text me Texas (Rob Fowler)
  17. Golden wedding rings (Séverine  Fillion)
  18. Priscilla (Séverine Fillion)
  19. Country (Denis Henley et Guy Dubé)
  20. Fall in love (Pat Stott)
  21. Alibi (Sue Hutchinson)
  22. Small rocky (Fina  Salcedo)
  23. The Harvester (Séverine Fillion)

NOVICES 2014 - 2015

  1. Gonna B good (Pat Stott)
  2. Raggle taggle gypsy O (Maggie Gallagher)
  3. American kids (Randy Pelletier)
  4. Cowboy dreams (Darren Bailey)
  5. Push for the stride (Denis Ben)
  6. Pavement ends (Gudrun Schneider)
  7. We are tonight (Dan Albro)
  8. B 4 I do (Rob Fowler)
  9. Roller Coaster (Guy Dubé)
  10. Just Gettin Started (Dan Albro)
  11. Shore thing (Christine Guérineau)
  12. Like a rose (Sandrine Caraccioli)
  13. Dance it up (Maggie Gallagher)
  14. Wave on wave (Alan Birchall)
  15. High life (Séverine Fillion)
  16. A little bit gypsy (Neville Fitzgerald et Julie Harris)
  17. Lose a little sleep (Séverine Fillion)
  18. The killer love (Valérie Azibert)
  19. I wanted (Chrystel Durand Gois)
  20. West coast Tulsa (Javier Rodriguez Gallego)
  21. Country style (Neus Lloveras)
  22. Holy Cowgirl (Guyton Mundy)
  23. South Australian (Garry O'Reilly)
  24. Just a girl (Severine Fillion et Arnaud Marraffa)
  25. Made a believer (Denis Henley)
  26. Shove it (Roy Verdonk, Miquel Menendez)
  27. High cotton (Niels Poulsen)
  28. Got a feeling (Stéphane Cormier et Line Provencher)
  29. You belong with me (Heiko Lattner)
  30. Tag on (David Villelas)
  31. SSS (Sébastien Emond et Solveig Jallut)
  32. The boat to Liverpool (Ross Brown)


  1. Sweet rowena (Denis Henley)
  2. Like a scarecrow (Sébastien Emond)
  3. Dust and bone (Denis Henley et Stéphane Cormier)
  4. Long live rock n'roll (Darren Bailey)
  5. Weed instead of roses (Solveig Jallut et Sébastien Emond)
  6. Wild night (Dan Albro)
  7. Me and you back at mama's (Séverine Fillion)
  8. Tears of a highway (Maggie Gallagher)
  9. Thinking Country (Mathieu Gagné)
  10. The Shoebox (Dee Musk)
  11. Patient Heart (Michael Vera-Lobos and Lisa Foord)
  12. My Finger (Guy Dubé et Denis Henley)
  13. Blender (Stéphane Cormier et Sébastien Emond)
  14. Party like you (Guy Dubé)
  15. Eternal secret (Ria Vos)
  16. Drink tonight (Evelyne Gaeremynck)
  17. Big country sky (Will Bos)
  18. John Wayne walking (Alison Biggs)
  19. Modern romance (Kate Sala)
  20. 19 forever (Romain Brasme)
  21. Making me crazy ( Pat Cassagneau)
  22. Your side of town (Neville Fitzgerald)
  23. Don't let me be lonely (Dan Albro)
  24. Sweet little something (Dan Albro)
  25. Goodnight kiss (Denis Henley, Guy Dubé et Stéphane Cormier)
  26. A woman's rant (Séverine Fillion)
  27. Down the road (Denis Henley)
  28. Highway don't care (Eric Lecardonnel)
  29. Tag on (David Villellas)
  30. Corn don't grow (Tina Argyle)
  31. Ball and chain (Michelle Risley)
  32. Leti (Séverine Fillion)
  33. It's friday night (John Warnars)
  34. I love this life (Clément Brière)
  35. Killed me yet (Sébastien Emond)
  36. You got away (Niels Poulsen)
  37. What I love about you (Solveig Jallut)

NEW LINE 2014 - 2015

  1. Do the woo woo
  2. Naughty boy (Pat Stott)
  3. Oxygen (Pat Stott)
  4. Laughter in the rain (Dee Musk)
  5. New horizon (Dee Musk)
  6. Diamonds and dust (Kate Sala et Rob Fowler)
  7. Top of the world (Guy Dubé)
  8. Baby can dance (Annegret Dominguez)
  9. Rocket to the sun (Maddison Glover)
  10. Alcazar (Robbie McGowan et K. H Winson)
  11. See about me (Sue Smyth and Caroline Dancer Cooper)
  12. Superheroes (Maggie Gallagher)
  13. The heartbreaker (Chas Oliver)
  14. Loco (Guy Dubé et Stéphane Cormier)
  15. Sweet Darling (Darren Bailey)
  16. Prayer in C (Niels Poulsen)
  17. Through the grapevine (Ronald Grabs)
  18. Not giving up (Guy Dubé)
  19. When I found love (Karl Harry Winson)
  20. Bailando (Joan Morro)
  21. GGA (Guyton Mundy)
  22. London rhythm swing (Audri R)
  23. Love zone (Craig Bennett)
  24. Loco por tu amor (Sébastien Emond)
  25. Glitter and gold (Solveig Jallut et Sébastien Emond)
  26. Summer night cha cha (inconnu) (Soul line dance)
  27. The story of my life (Craig Bennett)
  28. Simple life (Audrey and June) Soul line dance
  29. Feel the freedom (Barbara Seelt)
  30. Just the way you are (Barbara Seelt)
  31. We only live once (Robbie McGowan)
  32. our guy ! (Simon Ward et Niels Poulsen)
  33. Ghetto cha cha (soul line dance)
  34. Angel in blue jeans (Peter Metelnick et Allison Biggs)
  35. Andalouse (Fabien Regoli)
  36. Bonfire heart (Virgile Porcher et Gaëtan Bachellerie)
  37. Uptown funk (Barbara Seelt)
  38. Wonder train (Ria Vos)
  39. You are what you love (Rob Fowler)
  40. Shades of passion (Rob Fowler)
  41. 500 reasons (Alison Biggs et Peter Metelnick)
  42. The Chamber (Remi Lemaire)
  43. Big, big bang ! (Rick Dominguez)
  44. Alone (Sandrine Poy et Solveig Jallut)
  45. Shotgun Mambo (Kate Sala)
  46. The dancing tree (Guillaume Richard)
  47. Sugar rush (Trevor Thornton)
  48. Suite 215 (Niels Poulsen et Ria Vos)
  49. Cheerio (Roy Verdonk et José Belloque)
  50. OMG (Dee Musk, Kate Sala et Tokyo line dance instructors)
  51. Clap Happy (Shaz Walton)
  52. In your arms (Niels Poulsen)
  53. Vampire heart (Niels Poulsen)
  54. The Worst (Solveig Jallut et Sébastien Emond)

DEBUTANTS 2013-2014

  1. Heyday tonight (Séverine Fillion)
  2. Celtic Autumn (Anne Montigny)
  3. An absolute dream (Joyce Plaskett)
  4. Rockin' in the USA (Kim Nolan)
  5. Kind of crazy (Amy Auger et Dee Blansett)
  6. Butterfly tatto (Séverine Fillion)
  7. My everything (Dee Musk)
  8. Kiss me quick (Juliet Lam)
  9. No worries (Denis Henley)
  10. Mexicoma (Dan Albro)
  11. Red Nekkid (Christine Guerineau)
  12. Wounded heart (Doumé d'Allauch)
  13. Soft september night (Annie Corthesy)
  14. Jo n' Joe tango (Jo Thompson Szymanski et Rita Jo Thompson)
  15. Ramblin' man (Christiane Favilliers)
  16. Sittin' pretty (Craig Miyamoto)
  17. Mamma Maria (Frank Trace)
  18. Under the sun (Kathy Chang et Sue Hsu)
  19. You ain't dolly (Shirley Blankenship)
  20. Choo choo cha boogie (John Robinson & Jo Thompson)
  21. Just a little love (Maggie Gallagher)
  22. Any other day (Marie Sorensen et Adrian Helliker)
  23. Yes ! (Jérôme Massiasse)
  24. Man music (Denis Henley)
  25. Saturday night (Denis Henley)
  26. Go on.. (Séverine Fillion)
  27. Never let go (Marie Claude Gil)
  28. P3 (Gabi Ibanez)
  29. Cucarracha
  30. Every Cotton Picking Morning (Steve Mason)
  31. You got that thang (Rachael McEnaney)
  32. That's breaking (Stéphane Cormier)
  33. Just add moonlight (Maggie Gallagher)

NOVICES 2013-2014

  1. Green grass ( Magali Chabret)
  2. You got that thang (Rachaël Mc Enaney)
  3. Baby blues (Tina Argyle)
  4. Bruises (Niels Poulsen) en révision
  5. Pontoon (Gail Smith)
  6. All shock up (révision)
  7. Going up the country (Romain Brasme)
  8. Hide and seek (Annie Corthésy)
  9. Weed instead of roses (Solveig Jallut et Sébastien Emond)
  10. Parking lot party (Guy Dubé et Stéphane Cormier)
  11. We were us (Guy Dubé)
  12. Middle of the road (Fred Whitehouse)
  13. Manana cha (Gary Lafferty)
  14. Drowning (Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse et Wil Bos)
  15. Gone, gone, gone (Serge Légaré)
  16. Friday night (Mathieu Gagné)
  17. Jacket joe (Esther et José)
  18. High cotton (Niels Poulsen)
  19. Better times (Pat Stott et Vikki Morris)
  20. Fading lights (Kate Sala)
  21. Beat of the music (Alain et Amandine Cristofol)
  22. The day you die (Kate Sala)
  23. Whole again (Sue Johnstone)
  24. Forever little (David Villellas)
  25. Country Rhône Valley (Séverine Fillion)
  26. Strong (Denis Henley)
  27. It's hard to be cool (Séverine Fillion)
  28. Lonely (Gudrun Schneider)
  29. Lukey (Hayley Wheatley)
  30. Never let go (MC Gil)
  31. It's America (Gaye Teather)
  32. Bubble gum cowboy (Jules Langstaff)
  33. It  might be you (Rep Ghazali Meaney)
  34. No mercy (Francien Sittrop)


  1. Aw Naw (Denis Henley et Stéphane Cormier)
  2. Enjoy this night (Séverine Fillion)
  3. Amen, Hallelujah (Magali Chabret)
  4. Country woman (Séverine Fillion)
  5. Hot in here (Dan Albro) révision
  6. Good girls gone bad (Rachael McEnaney)
  7. Somewhere in my car (Rachael McEnaney)
  8. The other side of crazy (Ria Vos)
  9. Two black cadillacs (Christine Manuguerra)
  10. A.M. (Séverine Fillion)
  11. On my red camaro (Stéphane Cormier)
  12. Farm girl (Annie Cothésy)
  13. Call to dance (Cathy Dupont et Remi Lemaire)
  14. Little bit of everything (Adrian Churm)
  15. Muntsa (David Villellas)
  16. Could it be (Séverine Fillion et Stéphane Cormier)
  17. I want crazy (Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax)
  18. Louis'dance (Sandrine Caracchioli)
  19. Screws up (Séverine Fillion)
  20. That feeling (Denis Henley)
  21. Love will (Séverine Fillion et Denis Henley)
  22. Open heart cowboy (Sandrine Tassinari et Magali Lebrun)
  23. We are tonight (Dan Albro)
  24. Mona Lisa (Daniel Whittaker)
  25. It's America (Gaye Teather)
  26. Some king of wonderful (Guy Dubé)
  27. Bottoms up (Stéphane Cormier)
  28. Yeah she does (Stéphane Cormier)

NEW LINE 2013-2014

  1. Clap Happy (Shaz Walton)
  2. It's time to have a conversation (Sandrine Poy)
  3. Mermaid (Denis Henley) en révision
  4. Echa pa'lla (Remi Lemaire)
  5. Blown away (Chris Watson)
  6. Sleep (Kate Sala)
  7. Wow tokyo (Kate Sala et Ria Vos)
  8. Good girls (Romain Brasme)
  9. No man's land (Ria Vos)
  10. Don't disturb me (Niels Poulsen)
  11. I hope you find it (Niels Poulsen)
  12. Jump on a ride (Ria Vos)
  13. Stripes (Ria Vos)
  14. The Fox (Raymond Sarlemijn,Darren Bailey,...)
  15. Liquid lunch (Alison Biggs et Peter Metelnick)
  16. More than friends (Daniel Trépat)
  17. With or without you (Raymond Sarlermijn et Roy Verdonk)
  18. Young volcanoes (Darren Bailey et Fred Whitehouse)
  19. Timber (Remi Lemaire)
  20. Soda Pop (Adrian Churm)
  21. Hey Brother (Gudrun Schneider & Martina Ecke)
  22. The boss (Wil Bos)
  23. I just can't let you go (Wil Bos et Aurélie Clota)
  24. Go gentle (Roy Hadisubroto et Raymond Sarlemijn)
  25. Love me right (Rachael McEnaney)
  26. Counting stars (Simon Ward)
  27. Just a fool (Guy Dubé et Serge Légaré)
  28. Liar liar (Wil Bos)
  29. Rainmaker (Niels Poulsen)
  30. L.O.V.E. (Kathy Chang)
  31. Say you will (Eric Traversier)
  32. Little bit of evertything (Adrian Churm)
  33. Top of the world (Guy Dubé)
  34. MMM Yeah !! (Guy Dubé

DEBUTANTS 2012-2013

  1. AB copycat (Val Myers)
  2. Country as can be (Suzanne Wilson)
  3. Kangaroo hide
  4. Anything goes (Gerard Perraud et Lynne Flanders)
  5. Wayfaring stranger (Joyce Nicholas)
  6. Just what I want (Lucie Côté)
  7. Shotgun rider (Franck Trace)
  8. Talk is cheap (Marie Sorensen)
  9. Watcha reckon (Annie Corthesy)
  10. Lemon drop (Gail Smith)
  11. Something in the water (Niels Poulsen)
  12. 16 tons (Rob Fowler)
  13. Highway (Roland (Gutz) gutzwiller)
  14. Chica boum boum (Vikki Morris)
  15. Joana (Xose Massotti)
  16. Diamonds make babies (Peter et Alison)
  17. Coca cola cowboy (Thierry Willemin)
  18. Factor 8 (Gaye Teather)
  19. Hurry up, slow down (Séverine Fillion)
  20. Irish folk (Séverine Fillion)
  21. Gold digger (Rachael McEnaney)
  22. Save water, drink beer (Lisa Johns-Grose)
  23. Story of us (Sophie Archimbaud-Bucaille)
  24. The Blarney roses (Maggie Gallagher)
  25. Walk down town (Tine Norup)
  26. Not enough (Rob Fowler et Lianne Fowler)
  27. Go seven (Ria Vos)
  28. Shotgun boogie (Guylaine Bourdages)
  29. Just go (Ria Vos)
  30. Easy road (Fireboots groupe débutants)
  31. Winter's Apple
  32. Best wishes (Juliet Lam)
  33. Cucaracha
  34. Come dance with me
  35. Cowboy charleston
  36. beautiful day
  37. Live, laugh, love
  38. Stealing the best
  39. Grundy gallop

NOVICES 2012 - 2013

  1. Factor 8 (révision)
  2. Jambalaya (révision)
  3. Mini flûte (révision)
  4. White rose (révision)
  5. Something in the water (révision)
  6. Disappearing tail light (Alison et Peter)
  7. Talk is cheap (Séverine Fillion)
  8. Amazing grace (Rachel McEnaney)
  9. 1-2-3-4 (Niels Poulsen)
  10. Bad things (Bill Goodlad)
  11. Bodhran (Françoise Guillet)
  12. Half past nothing (Neville Fitzgerald et Julie Harris)
  13. Til my last days (Guy Dubé)
  14. Roll in the Hay (Annie Corthesy)
  15. Somethin' with the attitude (Guy Dubé)
  16. Driven (Rob Fowler)
  17. Memphis T (Annie Corthesy)
  18. Summer Fly (Geoffrey Rothwell)
  19. Senor (Denis Henley)
  20. The Gambler (Guy Dubé et Denis Henley)
  21. Feels like rock n' roll (David Linger)
  22. Lovin you is fun (Daniel Trépat et José Miguel Belloque Vane)
  23. All shook up (Naomi Fleetwood Pyle)
  24. God blessed Texas (Shirley K. Batson)
  25. Stay stay stay (Niels Poulsen)
  26. Cooley's reel (Peter Metelnick et Alison Briggs)
  27. Skiffle time (Darren Bailey)
  28. Real good song (Bruno Morel)
  29. Bruises (Niels Poulsen)
  30. Rock paper scissors (Maggie Gallagher)
  31. The Blarney roses (Maggie Gallagher)
  32. Red Camaro (Daniel Trepat)
  33. Let it be love (Robbie McGowan)
  34. Wagon wheel rock (Yvonne Anderson)
  35. Shotgun boogie (Guylaine Bourdages)
  36. Cha lay low (Rep Ghazali)
  37. The Flute (Maggie Gallagher)
  38. Tornardo (Chrystel Durand)
  39. Easy come easy go
  40. Berer for my horses
  41. Leaving of Liverpool
  42. J'ai du boogie


  1. Skiffle time (Darren Bailey)
  2. 1929 (Kate Sala)
  3. Everybody's sweetheart (Robbie Mc Gowan)
  4. Walking away (Rachel McEnaney)
  5. Red Camaro (Daniel Trépat)
  6. Somewhere else (Séverine Fillion)
  7. The trucker (Séverine Fillion)
  8. Where the wind blows (Peter Metelnick et Alison Briggs)
  9. Calling you baby (Vincent Bonet)
  10. Lips (Stéphane Cormier)
  11. Good time comin'on (Stéphane Cormier)
  12. Ding dang darn it (Rachel McEnaney)
  13. Memphis T (Annie Corthésy)
  14. Hey Man (Darren Bailey)
  15. Démo des Fireboots (Séverine Fillion et les Fireboots)
  16. Fireboots (Séverine Fillion)
  17. If I could (Rob Fowler)
  18. Driven (Rob Fowler)
  19. Closer (Mary Kelly) Révision
  20. Mistakes (Denis Henley)
  21. The Blarney roses (Maggie Gallagher)
  22. Rock paper scissors (Maggie Gallagher)
  23. Reflection (Alison Johnstone)
  24. Disappering bubbles 
  25. Deliverance (Kate Sala et Benny Ray)
  26. Mr Policeman (Ria Vos)
  27. Hootenanny (John Robinson)
  28. Sea you again (Dan Albro)
  29. Pot of gold (Liam Hrycan)
  30. Hot in here (Dan Albro)
  31. Kill the spieder
  32. Save the horse
  33. Ballymore boys
  34. Deck 51
  35. Gypsyca

NEW LINE 2012 - 2013

  1. BFF (Darren Bailey)
  2. That man (Darren Bailey)
  3. Bang Bang (Rachel Mc Enaney)
  4. No superman (Henrik Genvold, Daniel Trepat, Darren Bailey)
  5. Caribbean pearl (Maggie Gallagher)
  6. Footsteps (Rachel McEnaney et Nichola Lafferty)
  7. Back it up (Darren Bailey et Raymond Sarlemijn)
  8. Blow me (Guy Dubé)
  9. Bright light (Darren Bailey et Raymon Sarlemijn)
  10. Domino (Rachel McEnaney)
  11. In it together (Karl-harry winson)
  12. Dancing with Cupid (Kate Sala)
  13. Proud mary burnin (Sobrielo Philip Gene)
  14. Dembow (David Matton)
  15. Bounce (Barry Durand)
  16. Back in time (Rachel McEnaney - Guyton Mundy)
  17. London Rythym swing (Audri R.)
  18. La verdad (Guy Dubé)
  19. Move your body (Francien Sittrop)
  20. Imelda's way (Adrian Churm)
  21. Me enamore (Nadia Langlais)
  22. Don't stay (Lisa McCammon et Brenda Shatto)
  23. Love is a word (Maggie Gallagher)
  24. Drive by (Audrey Watson)
  25. His only need (Ria Vos)
  26. The glory of love (Yvonne Anderson)
  27. Boys will be boys (Rachael McEnaney)
  28. Still love me tomorrow (Rachel McEnaney)
  29. Soul fire (Ria Vos)
  30. Mermaid (Denis Henley)
  31. Bounce, bounce (Frank Trace)
  32. Dear darlin' (Kate Sala)
  33. Bounce, bounce (Frank Trace)
  34. Hey boy (Ria Vos)
  35. Move a like (Ria Vos)
  36. Zumba (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane et Roy Verdonk)
  37. Double U double D (Ria Vos)
  38. 50 ways (Patricia E. Stott)
  39. Love is easy (Kate Sala)
  40. Say my name (Denis Ben)
  41. Hurt me carefully (Ria Vos)
  42. Little too high (Richard Palmer et Lorna Dennis)
  43. Give it a go (Ria Vos)
  44. Blurred lines (Wil Bos et Roy Verdonk)
  45. Ho hey, my hope song (Magali Chabret)
  46. SXE (Rob Fowler)
  47. X men love (Patrice Berthaud)
  48. Love affair (Kate Sala)
  49. Mignight swing (Robert Glover)

DEBUTANTS 2011-2012

  1. Wanna dance (Séverine Fillion)
  2. Something in the water (Niels Poulsen)
  3. Baby come back to me (Micaela Svensson)
  4. Factor 8 (Gaye Teather) 
  5. Big love in town (Séverine Fillion)
  6. Where I belong (Maggie Gallagher)
  7. It's important  (Veronica)
  8. Let's chill (Vivienne Scott)
  9. Wayfaring stranger (Joyce Nicholas)
  10. Simply sixteen (Phillys Manier)
  11. Cut a rug (Jo & Rita Thompson)
  12. Man, woman (Denis Henley)
  13. Come back my love (Juliet Lam)
  14. 8 ball (Sandrine Tassinari et Magali Lebrun)
  15. Texas Waltz (Jim Ferrazzano)
  16. Blue Rodeo (Helen O Mallet ou Schneider Imre)
  17. Louisiana Saturday night (Guylaine Bourdages)
  18. White rose
  19. Raining cats and dogs (Audrey Watson)
  20. Schefferville valse (Séverine Fillion)
  21. Irish polka (Séverine Fillion)
  22. cowboy madison
  23. Hooked on country
  24. Fiddling Gypsy
  25. Blue night cha
  26. Cabo san lucas
  27. High on a luchy roll (Amandine Cristofol)
  28. Irish stew
  29. Bandido's last ride (Gaye Teather)
  30. A drink in my hand (Sandy Goodman)
  31. Mini Flute (Marie Sorensen)
  32. Walk of life (Rob Fowler)
  33. Stop crying (Cati Torrella)
  34. Doing Alright (Denis Henley)
  35. Schackles
  36. Hooray Henry (Rob Fowler)
  37. Foxy girl  (Frank Trace)
  38. Good love go (Stéphane Cormier)
  39. Heels on the ground (Séverine Fillion)
  40. Jambalaya
  41. Sunday Driver
  42. All good (Kate Sala)
  43. Sticks and stones (Lycia Garnier-Massiasse)

NOVICES 2011-2012

  1. It's important (Veronica)
  2. Something in the Water (Niels Poulsen)
  3. Telepathy (Chris Hodgson)
  4. Homeward Bound (Paul et Karla Dornstedt)
  5. Knee Deep (Peter et Alisson)
  6. Make this day (Rachel McEnaney)
  7. Cheek to cheek (Rob Fowler)
  8. Wonderland Waltz (Rob Fowler)
  9. Summer fly (Geoffrey Rothwell)
  10. Do the west coast again (Stephane Cormier)
  11. Let's chill (Vivienne Scott)
  12. Don't drink the water (Rachel McEnaney)
  13. Cooley's reel (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs)
  14. Life could be a dream (Jessica Guu et Jenny Brown)
  15. Man, woman (Denis Henley)
  16. Galway girl (Chris Hodgson)
  17. Country girl shake (Michele Adam & Maria Hennings Hunt)
  18. Everybody knows (Guy Dubé)
  19. David's Jig (Nathalie Mac Master)
  20. The Gambler (Guy Dubé et Denis Henley)
  21. Whole again
  22. Don't let me down (Maggie Gallagher)
  23. Hillbilly Dirty dance (Michèle Godard)
  24. Dolly Dolly (Séverine Fillion)
  25. Gypsy Rosa Li (Rob Fowler)
  26. Don't ask (Gaye Taither)
  27. Home on the range (Nichola Lafferty)
  28. Unmistakable (Darren Bailey)
  29. Bodhran (Françoise Guillet)
  30. Love and Laundry (Séverine Fillion)
  31. Whistkey's gone (Rob Fowler)
  32. Urban grace (Masters in line)
  33. 1929 (Kate Sala et Robbie McGowan Hickie)
  34. Next to me (Francien Sittrop)
  35. Amazing grace (Rachel McEnaney)
  36. Undone (Denis Henley)
  37. Love I've found in you (Magali Chabret)
  38. Bare essential
  39. I just get lonely (Guy Dubé)
  40. Good love go (Stéphane Cormier)
  41. Poor me (Denis Henley)
  42. Hell  on the heart (Scott et AJ Herbert et Erin Smith)
  43. Memphis T (Annie Corthesy)
  44. Stars tonight (The girls - Maureen et Michelle Jones)
  45. Talk is cheap (Séverine Fillion)
  46. Sea you again (Dan Albro)
  47. Everybody's sweetheart (Robbie McGowan Hickie)


  1. Amamé (Robbie McGowan)
  2. Gypsy Rosa Li (Rob Fowler)
  3. Make this day (Rachel McEnaney)
  4. Messed up in Memphis (Dee Musk)
  5. It's important (Veronica)
  6. Something in the water (Niels Poulsen)
  7. Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man (Severine Fillion)
  8. Homeward Bound (Paul et Karla Dornstedt)
  9. The Flûte (Maggie Gallagher)
  10. Somebody like you (Sue Johnstone)
  11. Swingin summer (Dan Albro)
  12. Catalan up (Sandrine Tassinari et Magali Lebrun)
  13. After midnight (Judy McDonald)
  14. For Neige (The Dreamers)
  15. Home (Nichola Lafferty)
  16. Clickety clac ( Peter Metelnick)
  17. Senor (Denis Henley)
  18. Been to Georgia (Davind Linger)
  19. Solar Power (Gaye Teather)
  20. Long hot summer (Magali Chabret)
  21. Somewhere with you (Scott Schrank et Junior Willis)
  22. Crazy Devils ( craig Bennet, Guyton Mundy et Rob Fowler)
  23. Cowboy story (partner) (Stephane Cormier et Line Provencher)
  24. Hell or Hight water (Line Provencher)
  25. Cowboy up and party down (Stéphane Cormier)
  26. I'm no good (Rachel McEnaney)
  27. Fifty two beers ego (Séverine Fillion)
  28. Stay up tonight (Séverine Fillion)
  29. Wildflower (Maggie Gallagher) 
  30. Wiskey's gone (Sandie Berger)
  31. Dolly dolly (Séverine Fillion)
  32. Fake I.D (Jamal Sims)
  33. Unmistakable (Darren Bailey)
  34. High Five
  35. Sweet Georgia Peaches
  36. Firedance (Maggie Gallagher)
  37. Pound Sign (Guy Dubé et Stéphane Cormier)
  38. Razor Sharp (Stephen Sunter)
  39. Footloose (Rob Fowler)
  40. Chill Axin (Rob Fowler)
  41. Skiffle time (Darren Bailey)
  42. Soul Food (Lorenzo "goLo" Evans)
  43. Intrigues (Rob Fowler)
  44. When I get home (Guy Dubé et Richard Boutet)
  45. This ole boy (Rachel McEnaney)
  46. Girly girl (Denis Henley)
  47. Jack Daniels on Ice (Guy Dubé et Denis Henley)
  48. If I was a single man (Ria Vos)
  49. Tinkabelle (Ria Vos)
  50. I got you (Stéphane Cormier)
  51. Roll the dice (Tina Argyle)
  52. Talk is cheap (Séverine Fillion)
  53. Red Camaro (Daniel Trépat)

DEBUTANTS 2010 - 2011

  1. Big love in town (Severine Fillion)
  2. Feeling Kinda lonely (Margaret Swift)
  3. Louisiana Strut
  4. People are crazy (Will Craig)
  5. Little rumba (Donna Laurin)
  6. Where I belong (Maggie Gallagher)
  7. Up to no good (Matt Matton)
  8. Hillbilly bone (Steve Lustgraaf)
  9. sugar kane (Coral Tucker)
  10. Cuccaracha 
  11. Blue rodeo (Helen O Mallet)
  12. Cowboy madison 
  13. Broken stones (Dee Musk)
  14. Simple life (Helen Born & Nita Lindley )
  15. Smiling song (Michelle Risley)
  16. Alcohol on it (Sebastien Emond)
  17. Skiff a billy (Basiaan Van Leeuwen)
  18. Texan Special (Daniel Auger)
  19. Country as can be (Suzanne Wilson)
  20. Christmas rock 
  21. Slap and Stomp (Severine Fillion)
  22. Celtic Angel (Magali Chabret)
  23. All about to night (Dan Albro)
  24. Irish Stew (Lois Lightfoot)
  25. Jambalaya (Ian St.  Leon)
  26. Chica Boum Boum (Vikki Morris)
  27. Fisher's Hornpipe (Val Reeves)
  28. Good ole days (Marie France Simon)
  29. Cadillac and Caviar (Sue Ann Ehmann)
  30. Baby Charleston (Magali Chabret)
  31. Blue night cha (Kim Ray)
  32. Shuffle Boogie Soul (Ira Weisburd)
  33. Stop Crying (Cati Torella)
  34. Love Away (Françoise Guillet)
  35. Sexy Tractor (Bob Bennet)

NOVICES - 2010 - 2011

  1. Celtic of Irlande  (Lolita Tournatory)
  2. Big love in Town  (Severine Fillion)
  3. Askin' Question  (Larry Bass)
  4. Doctor, Doctor  (Master In Line)
  5. Sunshine is here  (Severine Fillion)
  6. Everybody's here  (Gaye Teather)
  7. Giddy on up (Guillaume Richard)
  8. People are crazy (Will Craig)
  9. Toes  (Rachael McEnaney)
  10. God to be us (Darren Bailey)
  11. International harvester (Darren Bailey)
  12. Mary Mary (Darren Bailey)
  13. Told you so (Maureen and Michelle Jones)
  14. Paradise (Severine Fillion)
  15. Little white church (Michael Beck)
  16. Alcohol on it (Sebastien Emond)
  17. Not fair (Francien Sittrop)
  18. The World (Maggie Gallagher)
  19. Never Mind (Severine Fillion)
  20. Jig it up (Maggie Gallagher)
  21. Fallin rain (Chriss Hodgson)
  22. The Break (Maggie Gallagher)
  23. Gotta keep praying (Yvonne Van Baalen)
  24. Celtic Angel (Magali Chabret)
  25. Heart mind n' soul (Denis Henley)
  26. Slap and Stomp (Séverine Fillion)
  27. Sugar Kane (Coral Tucker)
  28. Cabo san lucas (Rep Ghazali)
  29. Bobbie with an I (Rachael McEnaney)
  30. Time to swing (Andrew et Sheila)
  31. Amamé (Robbie McGowan)
  32. Chill Factor (Daniel Whittacker)
  33. Quater After One (Levi J. Hubbard)
  34. Caught in the Act (Ann Wook)
  35. Messed up in Memphis (Dee Musk)
  36. Wonderland Waltz (Rob Fowler)
  37. Mojo Rythm (Rob Fowler)
  38. Is not ok (Stephane Cormier et Nicolas Lachance)
  39. Fisherhorn pipe (Val Reeves)
  40. Your smile (Country 13)
  41. That song in my head (Lisa Johns-Grose et Christine Bass)
  42. White trash (Séverine Fillion)
  43. Ride the River (Kath Dickens)
  44. The Gambler (Guy Dubé et Denis Henley)
  45. Island in the stream (Karen Jones)
  46. Gypsy Rosa Li (Rob Fowler)
  47. Leaving of Liverpool (Maggie Gallagher)
  48. How lucky I m (Lycia Massiasse)
  49. Old friend (El Lawton)
  50. Cowboy up (Shannon Finnegan)
  51. Water (Séverine Fillion)
  52. The Glen Road (Arnaud Marraffa)
  53. Mine (Amandine Cristofol)
  54. Wave on Wave (Alan G. Birchall)

DEBUTANTS 2009 - 2010

  1. Cuccaracha
  2. Cotton Eyed Joe
  3. Feeling Kinda lonely
  4. Cut a rug
  5. Clap your hands
  6. Catch me
  7. Make it up
  8. Simple life
  9. Take it easy
  10. Wild Stallion
  11. Celtic kitten
  12. Sunny Day
  13. Stomp
  14. Billy be bad
  15. Irish stew
  16. Cajun celtic
  17. Not fair
  18. Wasted
  19. Ice Breaker
  20. Marry for money
  21. Magic moments 
  22. Pizzirico
  23. Celtic Ct
  24. Jambalaya
  25. white rose
  26. Vodka time
  27. Gotta keep praying
  28. Baby you've got it
  29. Come dance with me
  30. Zjozzy funk
  31. Straighten up
  32. Summer fly
  33. Bubble gum cowboy
  34. Country boys roll
  35. doctor doctor
  36. heart mind n' soul


  1. BCO
  2. Clap your hand
  3. Crazy Foot Mambo
  4. Deck 51
  5. Dance like you're only one
  6. It Happens
  7. Island in the Stream
  8. Jambalaya
  9. Kiss a girl
  10. Novacaine
  11. Priority
  12. Ride the River
  13. Sweet Thing
  14. The Heartbreaker
  15. Toes
  16. Wild Stallion
  17. Anticipation
  18. Never ever
  19. Good to be us
  20. Wanna be elvis
  21. Bare essentials
  22. Action
  23. Mary mary
  24. Stitch it up
  25. Celtic Kittens
  26. Vodka time
  27. Told you so
  28. Mojo rythm
  29. Cool chick
  30. Country Road 
  31. Pot of Gold
  32. Celtic Ct
  33. Party in the USA 
  34. 19 and crazy
  35. Giddy on up
  36. Burning love
  37. Stampede
  38. Cadillac and caviar
  39. Baby you've got it
  40. Not fair
  41. Asking question
  42. Farm dance
  43. it's america

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